About Us

Welcome, first-years, sophomores, transfer students, and Eli Whitney students! We’re so excited to meet you this August!

FOCUS on New Haven is a Camp Yale Program for first-years and a re-orientation program for sophomores, transfers, and Eli Whitney Students interested in learning about community engagement, social justice, and activism. Participants spend several days volunteering at local non-profits, meeting local change-makers, and participating in discussions about how systems of oppression play out in the context of the relationship between Yale and New Haven. Students explore New Haven’s diverse neighborhoods, delicious restaurants, and unique culture while forming close friendships within their FOCUS families (groups of 6-10 participants led by 2 trained student leaders). FOCUS encourages students to think about ways in which they can better understand and have a sustainable impact on the city Yale calls home. 

It is important to note that the first-year program is separate from the sophomore, transfer, and Eli Whitney program, but that the two run parallel to each other. The two concurrent programs have different themes and are framed specifically for these different populations with distinct perspectives on Yale and New Haven.

Poke around our website for more information! If you have any questions, please email us at focus@dwighthall.org. Thank you!